Links for the Week of April 23, 2017
Hoisted: Mike Konczal (2013): Reinhart-Rogoff A Week Later: Why Does This Matter?

Must-Read: Ezra Klein: The GOP’s biggest health care achievement has been making Obamacare more popular: "It is bizarre watching House Republicans persuade themselves that the problem they face on health care... cutting a deal between the Freedom Caucus and the Tuesday Group rather than crafting legislation that people actually like, and that will actually make some part of the health care system noticeably better. But the GOP’s refusal to take public opinion even mildly into account has put them in a disastrous position.

I’m not sure Republicans realize how deep a hole they’re in on this issue. But here’s a way to make it clear. Obamacare is now significantly more popular than Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, the Republican Party, or the American Health Care Act...