The Barrington Moore Problematic and Its Discontents: Weekend Reading/Hoisted from 2010
Monday Smackdown: Why, Yes, Donald Luskin, Stupidest Man Alive Emeritus, Is Now an Automated Trumpist Trollbot. Why Did You Ask?

Should-Read: Tony Nog: On Twitter: "18) This may explain why Brexiteers are in this unhappy cycle. The 'intellectual' basis for Brexit has collapsed. But no one told them..."

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Short thread on what #Brexit is about and why it's going badly. Historically the Leave leadership took 2 items as articles of faith. They believed: a) Germany runs the EU & German car makers run Germany; b) The EU & Eurozone are sick & are going to collapse any day now. As such, although they may bluster, behind closed doors the EU would be desperate for a free trade deal with the UK. You can pretty much dispense with everything else said by Leave as noise. These are the 2 sacred beliefs at the heart of Leave...