Some Notes on Eric Miller's Review of "Public Intellectuals in the Global Arena"...
29 Days Before Nixon Resigned, the Washington Post Scraped and Went Right Through the Bottom of the Barrel

Live from the Orange-Haired Baboon Cage: So why haven't Mike Pence and Teresa May had their Conversation with James and Lachlan Murdoch yet—about how it has all been fun-and-games so far, but now it needs to stop because somebody is about to lose an eye (and Mossad has, we presume, already lost assets)?

How come Pence, Tillerson, Mnuchin, McMaster, Purdue, and company have not already had their conversation with Trump—about how he is the star but not the boss, and how they are willing to use #Amendment25 to make sure he acts the star and not the boss?

Duncan Black: Because I Am Not Serious: "Trump is a senile old man with some sort of degenerative brain condition and he will brag to anybody about anything...

...This isn't about Russia, really, it's about a president of the United States who brags to people that important people visit him in the Oval Office. A president of the United States who brags that he won the election. A president of the United States who tells reporters about how impressed people are with him. A man-not just a man, but the president of the United States of fucking America-who can't have a conversation without telling someone how impressed other people are with him. He'll tell anybody anything to impress them with how impressive he is.

Trump has been on my teevee and radio my entire adult life. I was a Howard Stern listener for a long time. Trump was a regular. He was always a horrible narcissistic braggart, but not like this. He has a problem, we have a problem, and despite the fact that his handlers keep telling the press that they have to treat him like a 5 year old, no one will come right out and say the obvious: Trump is in serious mental decline and also he runs the world.