Ten Years Ago on Grasping Reality: June 6, 2017—Including the "What I Miss About Ronald Reagan" Post

Comment of the Day: RobLL: "The NYT is only reliable if you know as much or more as the reporter on the story... http://www.bradford-delong.com/2017/05/live-from-the-journamalists-self-made-gehenna-so-the-_new-york-times_-is-firing-its-awful-public-editor-liz-spayd-fri.html?cid=6a00e551f08003883401bb09a1163f970d#comment-6a00e551f08003883401bb09a1163f970d

...A sad state of affairs. I wrote them four years ago, and vowed to back pay for two years if and when they started being reliable. They neither responded nor have gotten more reliable. VOX now is the most reliable interpreter of the news.