Monday DeLong Smackdown Watch/Hoisted from 2005: Ignorance Corrected!

Links for the Week of June 13, 2017




Highlighted on Grasping Reality 10 Years and One Month Ago: May 1-May 20, 2007:

  • Tom Grubisich Is One Unhappy Camper On February 8, 2005, I opened my virtual Washington Post to find Post reporters Jonathan Weisman and Ben White writing that a series of calculations made by me, Dean Baker, and Paul Krugman were "absurd... they ignore global economic growth and investment in countries unaffected by the demographic slowdown," according to people whom Jonathan Weisman and Ben White described as "White House economists." The interesting thing is that every economist who had an office in the White House on February 8, 2005 has denied that they did or would characterize Dean's, Paul's, and my arguments as "absurd"...
  • Yet More Journamalism from the New Republic Franklin Foer... says the Wall Street Journal is a mighty force for good, and its editorial page—well, he can't bring themselves to even hint that the Wall Street Journal has an editorial page. But they do say that liberals should fight to defend the Wall Street Journal—as it is currently constituted, with its editorial page. Craven. Mendacious. Journamalists. How dumb does Franklin Foer think that I am? How dumb is Franklin Foer?...
  • National Review's core principal: "Now that I'm in, let's pull up the ladder": Mark Krikorian Warns of the Hispanic Pizza Menace! Now remind me again how to distinguish National Review from the Onion? National Review's anti-immigration crusader Mark Krikorian warns us of the Histpanic pizza menace.... "'Hispanics now have their own pizza chain', Mr. Krikorian said. 'It's a consequence of having too many people arrive from a single foreign culture, and may well reflect a kind of cultural secession...'"
  • Mathing Up "Why Bubbles Are Great for the Economy" (It Has Been Done Before Department)
  • Take Education as the Key Link! Tyler Cowen accuses me of being "too quick" to resort to the Marshallian scissors in defending Goldin-Katz "inequality the result of too few people going to college" against Becker-Murphy "inequality the result of wonderful technological progress." How can an economist be too quick to resort to the Marshallian scissors?...
  • Research Continues on the Stupidity Rays Emanating from the American Enterprise Institute... Only Shrillblog can deal properly with American Enterprise Institute economist Kevin Hassett's declaration that the Russian economy is outperforming America's--because, you see, dictatorships like Vladimir Putin's "are not hamstrung by the preferences of voters for, say, a pervasive welfare state"...
  • Peace and Order Reign on the River: One of the greatest surviving artworks from 900 years ago. At wikipedia:
  • Would Somebody Please Keep Ben Stein from Calling Himself an Economist? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  • Robert Waldmann Sends Out an Emergency Call for Karl Popper to Deal with Joe Klein
  • Reasons to Be Mean to the Washington Post's Fred Hiatt, Part MCCXXXIII Back in the winter of 2003, when Europeans--serious Europeans--smart Europeans--establishment Europeans--submitted op-eds to the Washington Post saying "let the weapons inspectors in Iraq do their work," Fred Hiatt rejected them. Fred Hiatt rejected them, telling at least one: "We do not need criticism [of the Bush administration]. The decision [to attack Iraq] has been made. We have to get behind it, and deal with the world as it is, and not as we wish it would be"...