On the Negative Information Revealed by Marvin Goodfriend's "I Don't Teach IS-LM"
Procrastinating on June 7, 2017

Live from the British Baboon Cage: Dean Burnett: Could Paris Syndrome explain Theresa May’s campaign meltdowns?: "Could a bizarre form of culture shock known as Paris Syndrome explain the Theresa May’s poor election campaign performance?... https://www.theguardian.com/science/brain-flapping/2017/jun/06/political-culture-shock-could-paris-syndrome-explain-theresa-mays-meltdowns

...I don’t think there’s anything clinically wrong in the brain of Theresa May, but given what we know about her and how she works, it would be reasonable to conclude that the practicalities of an election campaign are causing her considerable problems. She’s not unwell or anything, it’s just that, given the choices and methods she’s employed in her life, when dealing with the unpredictable general public, she’s so far out of her depth she’s not even in the water anymore, she’s off to the side, getting increasingly panicked that her reliable doggy paddle is having no effect on the unyielding rocks she finds herself up against...