Monday Smackdown: Yes, The Hoover Institution Made a Bad Mistake in Hiring John Cochrane. Why Do You Ask?

Monday Smackdown: Donald Trump as a Reichstag in Search of a Fire

Live from the Orange-Haired Baboon Cage: Betty Cracker: _Reichstag in search of a fire?: "Trump himself has settled into a pattern of undermining his own team... confirming that he’s an incompetent boob.... Today was no exception...

Reichstag in search of a fire Balloon Juice

...Trump flacks have spent weeks trying to tamp down the “ban” talk since characterizing the Muslim ban as a “Muslim ban” is a loser in court. Their boss just made liars of them.... Trump further undermined his own people by dissociating himself from the “politically correct” document he signed. And he’s undercut his pending SCOTUS case by saying the courts are compromised and hinting that it would be better if his decrees could be enacted immediately as if he were Vladimir Putin, a Saudi prince or a Turkish or Filipino strongman. All in the space of about seven minutes.

Meanwhile, my Twitter feed tells me Kellyanne Conway is on TV this morning admonishing journalists for covering Trump’s tweets and basically implying that the so-called president doesn’t speak for his own administration.... Welcome to Crazytown, folks...