(Early) Monday Smackdown: Annals of Low-Quality Sociometry: Andrew Sullivan Edition

Should-Read: Noah Smith: Actually good Silicon Valley critiques?: "Suppose we did want to criticize Silicon Valley and not end up looking foolish... http://noahpinionblog.blogspot.com/2017/05/actually-good-silicon-valley-critiques.html

...Here are some candidates: (1) Silicon Valley culture is still too sexist.... (2) Silicon Valley is late coming out with the Next Big Thing.... (3) Peter Thiel is an evil man.... Thiel's support of Trump, his habit of making a buck off of government surveillance, and his promotion of nasty political ideas combine to make him the closest thing America has to a comic-book evil mastermind.... I certainly wouldn't mind if tech industry people got more vocal about disagreeing with Thiel's values. (4) Silicon Valley is too blase about disruption. Economists are rapidly learning they were wrong about something big—the economy is not as flexible and dynamic as many had assumed.... (5) Tech might be in the middle of a bust.... Notice that this is pretty weak tea.... All in all, Silicon Valley represents one of the least objectionable, most rightfully respected institutions in America today.