Hoisted from Ten Years Ago: Back When I Was Much More Optimistic About New Media and the Public Sphere...

Ten Years Ago in Grasping Reality: June 4, 2007

Three pieces worth highlighting:

Three pieces that, if this were a novel, I would wince at as overly-clumsy foreshadowing:

  • Paul Krugman accurately gets Barack Obama in an aside: Paul Krugman on Barack Obama's Health Plan http://www.bradford-delong.com/2007/06/paul_krugman_on.html: "On the whole, the Obama plan is better than I feared.... It doesn’t quell my worries that Mr. Obama’s dislike of 'bitter and partisan' politics makes him too cautious..."
  • And Atul Gawande nails 2009-2017: Atul Gawande Sees a Near-Consensus on Health Care Reform http://www.bradford-delong.com/2007/06/atul_gawande_se.html: "[A]ttacks are certain to label this as tax-and-spend liberalism and government-controlled health care. But these are not what will sabotage success. Instead, the crucial matter is our reaction as a country when the attacks come. If we as consumers, health professionals and business leaders sit on our hands, unwilling to compromise and defend change, we will be doomed..."
  • Ross Douthat says: "There's More to Conservative Governance than the Failures of George W. Bush!" Yes. There is. There's the accommodation and normalization of Donald Trump: Habemus Catum!: "There's More to Conservative Governance than the Failures of George W. Bush!"* http://www.bradford-delong.com/2007/06/habemus_catus_t.html