Comment of the Day: HOW WOULD HEALTH-CARE REFORM AFFECT PATIENT HEALTH? Who-whom-John Donne-Great-Uncle Ernest Hemingway:

howard: What has happened is that you now see feldstein for whom he is, not for whom you hoped he was.

Mitch Golden: "For who he is", not "whom". If you're going to have them calling you an elitist for using "whom", you have to get it right.

David Rosen: true dat.

marcel proust: "For what he is." Jes' sayin'.

Kansas Jack: Actually it could easily be "for whom" in this case because the prepositional phrase could be indicating for whom MF has become a tool.

Then again, don't correct grammar in a blog, especially if you are going to use punctuation outside of quotation marks... unless you're British, in which case the English language left you for better lands long, long ago.

dilbert dogbert: Don't ask For Whom The Bell Tolls, It Tolls for Thee.

Ethan: For Whom the Bell Tolls. Both Ernest Hemingway and John Donne used it this way...