Ten Years and Four Days Ago at Grasping Reality: July 22-25, 2007

Comment of the Day: Sanjait: Avik Roy told a lot of lies in his vain attempt to get BCRA passed...: "Sure, because removing hundreds of billions from insurance programs and subsidies... http://www.bradford-delong.com/2017/07/should-read-avik-roy-told-a-lot-of-lies-in-his-vain-attempt-to-get-bcra-passed-now-here-he-is-calling-for-the-corrupt.html?cid=6a00e551f08003883401bb09b3c897970d#comment-6a00e551f08003883401bb09b3c897970d

...with a "more knowledgeable" analyst, would not project to cause a massive increase in uninsurance. I haven't seen a better inadvertent proof of the "reality has a liberal bias" maxim in a while.

Do note that in one short article, Avik Roy manages to say both of:

  1. eliminating the individual mandate would not—as the CBO says—cause large increases in the number of people who lack health insurance and thus face medical bankruptcy when they get sick...

  2. eliminating the individual mandate produces a large increase in human freedom because lots of people can then exercise their freedom of choice and not buy health insurance—and thus have the freedom to face medical bankruptcy when they get sick...