Ten Years Ago in Grasping Reality: June 26-June 28, 2017

Live from the Orange-Haired Baboon Cage: Sen Pat Roberts (R-Kan): "Once in Glacier National Park, I saw two porcupines making love. I'm assuming they produced smaller porcupines. They produced something. It has to be done carefully. That's what we're doing now [with ObamaCare repeal]..."

Emily Swanson: "I think this sets the high bar for quotes about the health care bill."

Brad DeLong: Is that why they had 13 people do it in the dark without advice or feedback?

willowbarcelona: "Or women."

Brad DeLong: Touché... 13 male porcupines in the dark without advice or feedback trying to make little porcupines is an interesting image...