Must-Read: Dylan Scott: The Obamacare repeal debate is now a completely bonkers game of chicken: "On Thursday evening, mere hours before the Senate is supposed to vote on a health care bill, the United States Capitol is in chaos...

...This is what we actually know:

  • Senate Republicans have still not released the actual text of whatever they will vote on at the end of their debate, probably Friday morning.
  • Many Republican senators don’t want their bill, whatever it is, to actually become law. But they might still vote for it, because they want to pass some bill, any bill, and then open up negotiations with the House on a bigger health care package.
  • There are rampant if unverifiable rumors that House Republicans are prepared to pass whatever the Senate sends them, perhaps as soon as Friday,
  • Some senators are threatening not to vote for their own health care bill unless House Republicans assure them that they will not pass the Senate bill.

The real story is that Republicans, after seven years of promising to repeal and replace Obamacare, are unable to come up with a plan to actually do that, and it has come crashing down on them at the finish line. The Senate is hours away from voting on a bill, without knowing what it is or whether it could become federal law in a matter of hours...