Has the momentum around paid leave reached a tipping point in the United States? | Equitable Growth

Should-Read: Bridget Ansel: Weekend reading: “#hipsterantitrust edition”: "John Kwoka... on how changes in U.S. merger enforcement policy have contributed to rising concentration and reduced competition... http://equitablegrowth.org/equitablog/value-added/weekend-reading-hipsterantitrust-edition/

...As a growing number of states prove that paid leave based on a social insurance model works for businesses and workers, the momentum around a national paid leave policy grows. Timely and accurate data is critical to diagnosing and responding to policy problems that affect millions of people across the country. But with U.S. statistical agencies facing major cuts, Austin Clemens asks: Will the United States give up on data collection? The debate around antitrust policy has officially entered the mainstream with the inclusion of this issue in congressional Democrats’ “Better Deal” policy blueprint, which some on the right have branded as #hipsterantitrust..."