Should-Read: Claudia Sahm: On Twitter: "And yes, Marginal Revolution commenters have got EJMR'ers back... I used to comment on @MargRev and it would really piss me off...

...if my attempts to talk about research ended up me being called a female body part. In a discussion of economics it's not that hard to set gender (or race or sexual orientation) aside and debate merits of an argument. I certainly never called the guys there such gendered names... stuck to why their logic stunk :-). And of course, my tweets got some pushback at MR... an example:


But I've got a nice story about why I don't reply (or "fight" as this says). After one awful blowup, I decided to get some advice, thankfully @mathbabedotorg had an advice column Aunt Pythia then. So I wrote in: on left is snippet of my question and right a bit of her advice,

Preview of Claudia Sahm on Twitter and yes Marginal Revolution commenters have got EJMR ers back

Full exchange here: