Non-Monday Self-Smackdown: Gerard Baker Says the WSJ News Staff Will Go the Extra Mile Not to Call Trump's Lies Lies
Open Letter from 1470 Economists (Including Me) on Immigration

Live from the Orange-Haired Baboon Cage: Dan Murphy: @bungdan on Twitter: "Trump lies in past 24hrs:

  1. Didn't win NH.
  2. Doesn't have unilateral intl tariff power.
  3. US not taking 2,000 or 5,000 refugees from Oz.
  4. Turnbull conversation not cordial.
  5. Boy Scout president didn't call.
  6. Mexican president didn't call.
  7. 21 Club didn't shut for a year.
  8. Mexican president didn't praise Trump.
  9. Praise for Trump Boy Scout speech not universal.
  10. Trump privately admitted Mexico would never 'pay for the fucking wall.'
  11. Syrian Christians were not banned from US by Obama.
  12. The Cuban Mariel boat-lift refugees were not all "brutal convicts."
  13. The US did, in fact, "get things" out of START and Iran deal.