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Live from Berkeley: Foyer of Wheeler Hall, outside of Wheeler Auditorium, 9:25 AM Thursday.

"ELENG 16A: Designing Information Devices and Systems I" will start at 9:40:

This course and its follow-on course EE16B focus on the fundamentals of designing modern information devices and systems that interface with the real world. Together, this course sequence provides a comprehensive foundation for core EECS topics in signal processing, learning, control, and circuit design while introducing key linear-algebraic concepts motivated by application contexts. Modeling is emphasized in a way that deepens mathematical maturity, and in both labs and homework, students will engage computationally, physically, and visually with the concepts being introduced in addition to traditional paper/pencil exercises. The courses are aimed at entering students as well as non-majors seeking a broad foundation for the field.

Enrolled 1006; waitlisted 61

"COMPSCI 61C Great Ideas of Computer Architecture (Machine Structures)" will exit at 9:30:

The internal organization and operation of digital computers. Machine architecture, support for high-level languages (logic, arithmetic, instruction sequencing) and operating systems (I/O, interrupts, memory management, process switching). Elements of computer logic design. Tradeoffs involved in fundamental architectural design decisions.

Enrolled 726; waitlisted 31