Weekend Reading: Matthew Yglesias: Trump’s big mistake on health care was not realizing Republicans were lying

Live from Roma Aeterna: Marcus Tullius Cicero asks: Who is the Aeschylus of the Britons worth the trouble of enslaving?:

Marcus Tullius Cicero (54 BC): Scr. Romae K. Oct. A. 700: CICERO ATTICO SAL.: "Britannici belli exitus exspectatur...

...constat enim aditus insulae esse muratos mirificis molibus. Etiam illud iam cognitum est neque argenti scripulum esse ullum in illa insula neque ullam spem praedae nisi ex mancipiis; ex quibus nullos puto te litteris aut musicis eruditos exspectare.

(The result of the British war is a source of anxiety. For it is ascertained that the approaches to the island are protected by astonishing masses of cliff. Moreover, it is now known that there isn't a pennyweight of silver in that island, nor any hope of booty except from slaves, among whom I don't suppose you can expect any instructed in literature or music.)