Weekend Reading: Paul Romer (2016): The Trouble with Macroeconomics
Weekend Reading: Jamelle Bouie: The Bubble President

Should-Read: Nick Bunker: Weekend reading: “Jolting news this week!” edition: "Estimates of the potential growth rate of U.S. gross domestic product have declined... http://equitablegrowth.org/equitablog/weekend-reading-jolting-news-this-week-edition/

...Does this mean productivity growth has slowed down? Not so, argues a new paper.... The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.... Check out some useful graphs.... Bridget Ansel discusses recent research that looks at the effects of new policies to prevent salary history disclosure.... Nisha Chikhale highlights a paper looking at the shift of business income away from corporations and wages and toward so called pass-through entities and toward profits. What’s the best way to boost absolute mobility for the next generation of Americans? Faster growth? A more equal distribution of income? Both help, but more equitable growth will do most of the work...