Procrastination on August 6, 2017
One Year Ago at Grasping Reality: August 6, 2016

Ten Years and Eight Days Ago at Grasping Reality: July 29, 2007

Worth Highlighting:

  • New Graduate Student Orientation: Li Hungchang and "Self-Strengthening", and Other Topics Trying to say the name of the late nineteenth-century Qing statesman "Li Hungchang." There was animated discussion as to what I was trying to say--I suppose I sounded as though I was speaking half-Cantonese, half-duck.... There is as much horror inside as outside the Brookings building that Ken Pollack is still the public face of Brookings Institution foreign policy studies...

  • Clueless Delong continues to be clueless: Still fearing a financial crisis brought on by a dollar crash rather than looking at suprime mortgages Risk and the Dollar: Brad Setser Muses

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