They Have Been Attacking Nancy Pelosi for an Awfully Long Time, Haven't They?

Worth Highlighting from January 2007 at Grasping Reality

  • In the Northern Ring, the Scooter Libby Trial... "It doesn't help Dickerson that he is already laboring under the burden of his past declarations that he would rather mislead readers than break promises to sources..." 2007-01-31

  • What Kinds of Inequality Should We Worry About? 2007-01-31

  • Thank You for Smoking! (Max Boot/Council on Foreign Relations Edition) "The paragraph is a little too easy on Max Boot.... In Boot's shoes I, at least, would not have dared both to send my editorial to Steve Milloy to edit and to write that protesters against regulation were falsely "labelled a stooge of Big Business"..." 2007-01-29

  • A Small Matter of Calculating the Value Function... At the start, player A has $a dollars. Subsequent coin flips do not change the expected value of A's wealth, so A's expected wealth is $a at every point in the future. When the game ends, A has either 0 or $a+b dollars. For her expected wealth to be $a, the probability that she wins--has $a+b dollars--must be equal to a/(a+b)... 2007-01-28

  • Long-Run Health Care Cost Drivers 2007-01-25

  • Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (When Is My Check for Reading the Washington Post Going to Arrive) Today... Ruth Marcus performing the triple Democratic-trashing somersault. She says that the Bush health proposals are bad.... She says that it would be insane for all of the reality-based not to presuppose that everything Bush proposes is going to be bad.... But still she manages to say that the Democrats shouldn't be pointing out that the Bush plan doesn't look like good health policy... 2007-01-24

  • The Meddling Idiot! As Though DeLong's Ape Brain Could Contain the Wisdom of the Krell! 2007-01-22

  • Why I'm Not Going to Be Reading "The Politico" Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post also disagrees with Politico honcho John Harris's characterization of Patrick Ruffini as just a grassroots "conservative weblogger." Cillizza's headline is "Giuliani Hires e-Campaign Expert" and calls Ruffini "one of the real 'gets' on the GOP side" in the new media world... 2007-01-20

  • Hoisted from Archives: Charles Murray Has Misled People Before... "Does being off by a factor of a hundred (or four) really matter?" you ask... 2007-01-19

  • Handouts for Guest Lectures in Marcia Parker's Course: Trade and California 2007-01-18

  • Keynes, Marx, Trotsky, Yglesias 2007-01-16

  • More Dred Scott v. Sanford Blogging for Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Weekend! There are two parties to the constitutional contract in Mark Graber's imagination. There is Tribe A—the North. There is Tribe B—the slaveholders of the South. Notice anybody missing? Yep. There is no Tribe C—the slaves. One of the most ancient principles of any law worthy of the name is that, at some appropriate level, quod omnes tangit ab omnibus approbari debet. And the slaves of the United States America were certainly in the direct object of the verb tangit, as far as contemplated revisions of the 1787 constitutional order were concerned... 2007-01-12

  • Dred Scott v. Sanford Blogging: To Secure the Blessings of Liberty Certainly John C. Calhoun did not believe that the 1787 Constitution enacted his principle of "concurrent majorities"... 2007-01-12

  • The New Deal and the Great Depression II Relative to Hoover, Roosevelt's administration did pursue both fiscal and monetary expansion. Fiscal policy shifted from Hoover's balance-the-budget-at-all-costs to Roosevelt's we-won't-worry-about-the-deficit-for-a-while--a big difference... 2007-01-10

  • DeLong's Academic CV: January 2007 2007-01-09

  • Cato Has an Even More Severe Quality Control Problem than I Realized Alan Reynolds had simply looked at the wrong table... Table 3: Elderly Households and not... Table 1: All Households.... Yesterday I find Reynolds, in the Washington Times, misrepresenting not only others but himself as well... 2007-01-08

  • In Condemnation of One-Equation Economics I really don't like one-equation economics. One-equation economics assumes that certain economic quantities are fixed in stone, examines one equation--usually an accounting identity--and concludes that somebody else's preferred policies will be ineffective and counterproductive...2007-01-05

  • Malcolm Gladwell Semi-Defends Enron's Jeff Skilling In response to a commenter on his website who points to the ENRON off-balance-sheet-entity accounting fraud, Gladwell says that the fraud wouldn't have been fraud if it hadn't had the fraudulent elements. Gladwell writes: "My understanding is that a) its not entirely clear how those outside partnerships ran afoul of SEC rules, except in the matter of [their failing to have] the 3 percent outside equity interest]..." 2007-01-03

  • Risk, Uncertainty and Irreversibility, Decision Theory, and Global Warming Alex Tabarrok protests that you should not do expensive and irreversible things before you know what is going on. I think that there is an important distinction to be drawn in decision theory between (a) risk on the one hand, and (b) the interaction of uncertainty and irreversibility on the other... 2007-01-01