Kansas Jack: Monday DeLong Smackdown: Noah Smith: Free Speech on Campus: "NS. I am unconvinced... http://www.bradford-delong.com/2017/09/monday-delong-smackdown-noah-smith-free-speech-on-campus.html#comment-6a00e551f08003883401b7c923abfe970b

...If TSA thinks I should take off my shoes, then I defer to their expertise until we have enough review of the procedures to convince a panel of experts it is bs. I see no slippery slope to having a panel that includes the student body decide what does and does not belong at a university sponsored event any more than I see a slippery slope in peer reviewed journal process. Sure, the process has a lot of flaws, but we are aware of them and try to improve them if we can. Crap gets published and there are consequences. Great stuff gets rejected and it appears elsewhere. So? The alternative is, what, make AER publish everything? We don't say, too many flaws in peer review, so scrap it. Who cares if UCB invites someone whom UCLA chose to exclude? To say that is a huge flaw or a slippery slope pretty much means universities should have no committees to decide anything because they might make a mistake. I give the nod to BDL on this one. It can work, but there will be mistakes. That's where the learning comes in.