Weekend Reading: Lael Brainard: Understanding the Disconnect between Employment and Inflation with a Low Neutral Rate
Weekend Reading: Dean Acheson: A Lawyer's Brief for the Mid-Twentieth Century Democratic Party: A Historical Document:

Must-Read: Austin Clemens: New report on evidenced-based policymaking boasts recommendations that Congress must take seriously: "The Commission’s report does not address funding levels for existing statistical agencies, but funding for these agencies is not a luxury... http://equitablegrowth.org/equitablog/new-report-on-evidenced-based-policymaking-boasts-recommendations-that-congress-must-take-seriously/

...it is critical to the functioning of a modern government. The commission was told time and again during hearings that funding for agencies is too low and that data quality is at risk. As we have highlighted before, the House of Representatives is currently on track to cut budgets for important statistical agencies. If Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) truly believes in the importance of this Commission’s work then his first priority should be to reverse these cuts. Despite presenting himself as a strong champion of utilizing data in the governmental process, Speaker Ryan has given little indication that he is willing to pay for such efforts...