For the Weekend...: Stalingrad: Crossing the Volga

Should-Read: Nick Bunker: Weekend reading: “Triennial data release” edition : "The rise in U.S. income inequality is well known by now...

...But what is far less well known is that those gains at the top are accruing disproportionately to a few race groups. Jessica Fulton writes about new research on income mobility and inequality between and within racial and ethnic groups in the United States.

The latest release in the Equitable Growth Working Paper series features new research from University of California, Berkeley economist Danny Yagan. His work looks at how the strength of the Great Recession led to such a weak recovery in U.S. employment rates.

The Federal Reserve releases new data on the U.S. distribution of wealth every three years and the 2016 edition of the Survey of Consumer Finances was released this Wednesday. Here are four charts on the current state of wealth inequality.

In the latest installment of Equitable Growth In Conversation, Elisabeth Jacobs talks to Joan Williams about her recent book on the white working class...