Ten Good Recent Books...

  1. Stephen King: Joyland http://amzn.to/2eF9nql
  2. Stephen Bungay: The Most Dangerous Enemy: A History of the Battle of Britain http://amzn.to/2wCDQd8
  3. Till Düppe: Finding Equilibrium: Arrow, Debreu, McKenzie and the Problem of Scientific Credit http://amzn.to/2gAc35E
  4. Richard Feynman: QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matterhttp://amzn.to/2eEJjf9
  5. Louis Gerstner: Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? Inside IBM's Historic Turnaround http://amzn.to/2eEZmcO
  6. Michael Desch, ed.: Public Intellectuals in the Global Arena: Professors or Pundits? http://amzn.to/2w0rNV5
  7. Frederick Lewis Allen: Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920s http://amzn.to/2w0uzcL
  8. Menzie D. Chinn and Jeffry A. A. Frieden: Lost Decades: The Making of America's Debt Crisis and the Long Recovery http://amzn.to/2eF2F3C
  9. Anna Castle: Murder by Misrule: A Francis Bacon Mystery http://amzn.to/2vZYYIr
  10. Sidney Blumenthal: Wrestling With His Angel: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln Vol. II, 1849-1856 http://amzn.to/2w0Ihwd