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Weekend Reading: Stanley Fischer (1973): Chicago Undergraduate Macro

Weekend Reading: Stanley Fischer (1973): Chicago Undergraduate Macro: "ECONOMICS 202 Reading List... http://www.irwincollier.com/chicago-undergraduate-macro-stanley-fischer-1973/


  • Branson: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, Harper and Row, 1972.
  • Friedman: An Economist’s Protest, Thomas Horton, 1972.

(I) Introductory

  • Friedman, M. “A Theoretical Framework for Monetary Analysis,” JPE, March/April, 1970, 193-238.
  • Johnson, H. G. “The Keynesian Revolution and the Monetarist Counter-Revolution,” AER Papers and Proceedings, May, 1971, 1-14.
  • Leijonhufvud, A. “Keynes and the Classics: Two Lectures on Keynes’ Contribution to Economic Theory,” London, Institute of Economic Affairs, 1969. Occasional Paper 30.
  • Tobin, J. Manuscript on Monetary Theory, Chapter 1. (This is on reserve in the library.)

(II) Quantity Equation

  • Fisher, I. The Purchasing Power of Money, Macmillan, 1913, Chaps. 1, 2, 3, 4, 8.
  • Keynes, J. M., Tract on Monetary Reform, Macmillan, 1924, Chaps. 2, 3.
  • Patinkin, D. “The Chicago Tradition, the Quantity Theory, and Friedman,” JMCB, Feb., 1969, 46-70.
  • Pigou, A. C. “The Value of Money,” originally in Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1917, reprinted in Lutz and Mints.

(III) The Demand for Money

  • Baumol, W. J. “The Transactions Demand for Cash: An Inventory Theoretic Approach,” QJE, Nov., 1952, reprinted in Thorn.
  • Cagan, P. “The Monetary Dynamics of Hyperinflation” in Studies in the Quantity Theory of Money, M. Friedman (ed.), University of Chicago Press, 1956.
  • Friedman, M. “The Quantity Theory of Money: A Restatement,” in OQM (also in Thorn and in Studies in the Quantity Theory of Money).
  • Keynes, J. M. The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, Macmillan, 1935, Chaps. 13, 15, 17.
  • Laidler, D. E. W. “Some Evidence on the Demand for Money,” JPE, Feb., 1966, 55-68.
  • Latané, H. A. “Cash Balances and the Interest Rate—A Pragmatic Approach,” RE and Sta., Nov., 1954, 456-60.
  • Tobin, J. “Liquidity Preference as Behavior Toward Risk,” RES, Feb., 1958, 65-86, reprinted in Thorn.

(IV) The Supply of Money

  • Cagan, P. Determinants and Effects of Changes in the Money Stock, 1875-1960, Columbia University Press, 1965.


  • Friedman, M. “The Role of Monetary Policy, “ AER, March 1968, 1-17, reprinted in OQM.
  • Phillips, A. W. “The Relation between Unemployment and the Rate of Change of Money Wages in the U.K., 1862-1957,” Economica, Nov., 1958, 283-99.

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Source: Source: Stigler, George. Papers, Box 3, Folder “U of C Other, Miscellaneous, Corresp. w. Pres., etc”, Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library...."