Live from the New York Times Journamalists' Self-Made Gehenna: Scott Lemieux: "And I Assure You, Pat Caddell Agrees With Me Entirely": "Verbatim Doug Schoen:

Fourth, demonizing Wall Street does nothing to bridge the widening gaps in our country. Wall Street has its flaws and abuses, which were addressed in part by the Dodd-Frank financial reform law. And yes, the American people are certainly hostile to and suspicious of Wall Street. But using this suspicion and hostility as the organizing principle for a major political party will consign Democrats to permanent minority status.

Does Schoen, a proud Democrat in the tradition of Zell Miller and Phil Gramm, also assert that America is a “center-right” country and imply that Trump ran as a booster of Wall Street? I think you know the answer! Why is the New York Times feeding this embarrassing pablum to its readers and pass it off as if it was coming from an actual Democrat? I think you know the answer to that too!