Should-Read: Does Michael Strain really believe that theTrump Administration and the Congressional Republican caucus have mistakenly fuzzed the "details" of their tax plan? They have deliberately fuzzed the "details" because they have calculated that their plan is more popular with the details fuzzed. Saying exactly what you want to do is not a way to keep critics from assuming "the worst" if your intentions are in fact "the worst"—and if the goal is to keep the professional centrists from saying: "yep: the critics are right". Michael Strain wants his party to play policy ball. But his party wants to play Calvinball.

And, of course, his blithe assumption that they really want to play policy ball is a form of meta-Calvinball itself:

Michael Strain: Republicans, It's Way Past Time for a Real Tax Plan: "The way to keep critics from assuming the worst about your intentions is to say exactly what you want to do..."