Twitter: @jbarro and @mschmitt9: Our politics is about small concerns and concerns too big:

@jbarro: Our politics is about small concerns and concerns too big for officials to address. It can be about government again.

@mschmitt9: This is an excellent, challenging column. I think it's 99% right, but need aspirational element of politics, too. In late 90s-Iraq vote, key split among Dems was btw Clinton "small-ball" politics and those who wanted bigger, aspirational politics. That was Bill Bradley, argument vs Gore. Not a big ideological split, rather dream big vs petty, compromised politics, eg school uniforms. Obama argument vs Hillary Clinton was similar--big aspirations vs small, compromised politics of 90s, w/ added split on Iraq war vote

My "faction," as it were, was always the "dream big" Bradley/Obama vision (I worked for Bradley.) Obama had some big-dream wins, esp. ACA. But after 2010, just like Clinton, he was grinding it out w/ small practical changes that made ppl's lives better -- eg, overtime rule. For both, yrs 3-8 had some bad compromises and setbacks, but also lots of good "about govt" policies, plus 5 yrs of good economy. Both Clinton & Obama could at times knit real vision from multiple, practical policy changes. "Small-ball" politics deserved more respect.