Comment of the Day: Robert Halford: Louis CK and Matt Taibbi: "I really should get out of this because I am actually enraged, both at the guy and at you...

...Louis CK did a bad job [of apology, but at least he admitted to what he'd done.

[Matt] Taibbi wrote a carefully-worded lawyer denial (I know one when I see one) which admitted to essentially nothing other than the obvious fact that he was a huge misogynist, which was admitted (despite being public!) only now because it is undeniable:

I continue to deny absolutely that I have ever sexually harassed anyone in any office, here or in Russia. No woman anywhere has ever accused me of anything of the sort, and I am confident that my former co-workers will report (many already have) that I have never exhibited anything like that kind of behavior, at work or elsewhere...

is carefully worded to say exactly the following—I do not believe any of my former coworkers will come forward with evidence of any crime.

It leaves open the obvious, which is that he 100% did shitty stuff outside of the office and presence of his coworkers. Plus he wrote a purported non-fiction account admitting to being an unbelievable shit. So he admits what is undeniable, the misogyny, but also somehow also downplays it, while carefully lawyering over what his actual conduct was, 100% certainly after discussing with an actual lawyer.

Stop defending the asshole. Look at yourself n the mirror and get a fucking grip. Think about whether this is where you want to draw a line or get invested in an argument.