Comment of the Day: Robert Waldmann: Yglesias on Republicans as Cultural Grievance-Mongers: ""Good point. Of course they are doing it [the policies] for their donors and don't imagine it will please their voters (who will vote on the really important issue of high income black guys standing when told to stand)...

...Also excellent link (more a must read than a should read I would say). Yglesias is brilliant. You once described a very young Yglesias as like a young Michael Kinsley who actually cared about policy.

I'm sure he understands perfectly well that Republicans understand the so called base which demands tax reform is the pinnacle of the wealth pyramid. Many are slipping and saying it out loud (confessing to soliciting and offering bribes). But he also enjoys tormenting the rest of them with the fact that they understand they can't admit this out loud.

If it weren't for the $1.5 trillion going to people who don't need it, I'd enjoy the spectacle.