Monday Smackdown: Nine Republican Economists Being Unprofessional on Tax Reform Edition

Should-Read: Angus Johnston: @studentactivism on Twitter: "One more quick thing about that NYT profile of Hovater...

...Remember the podcast the author mentions?... Heimbach does most of the talking on the podcast. Hovater is mostly his sidekick and foil. I never heard them disagree. Here's what I did hear: Heimbach is obsessed with Jews, and with supposed Jewish domination of society. He uses the phrase "the Jew" a lot. He's a big fan of Hitler. He drops quotes multiple times into both episodes, usually banal ones. "As Adolf Hitler says..." Both of them are aggressively hostile toward gays and feminists, aspects of their bigotry that are never mentioned in the Times piece. It's clear that they're hoping for and working toward a Nazi takeover of the US. Heimbach uses the term "Weimerica" to describe the US today. The themes of the podcast (mostly) aren't absent from the piece. They are, however, muted in the story. Alluded to rather than illustrated.

What emerges in the podcast, and what IS absent from the story, is a clear sense of Heimbach and Hovater's organizing project, and their political vision.

As I said in my previous thread, these guys aren't "Nazi sympathizers," as the article put it. They're Nazis. They're Nazis. Nazis organizing other Nazis..."