Greg Mankiw... Sigh: The Inestimable Value of the Samuelsonian Triad

(Early Hoisted) Monday DeLong Smackdown Watch: Cosma Shalizi


From 2012: Well-wisher Cosma Shalizi: Comment on Brad DeLong: Economists on the Ineffectiveness of Fiscal Policy; Sh@t Is All F@#^ Up and Bullsh@t Weblogging: "More elaborately: our gracious host would really like to be just a little bit to the left of a technocratic center...

...and to debate those just a little bit to his right about optimal policies within a shared objective function, and pretending that it is a technical and not a political discussion.

But because shit is fucked up and bullshit, and because everyone at all on the right has spent forty years (at least) doing their damndest to make sure shit is is fucked up and bullshit, even the smallest gesture in that direction is not so much reconciliation as collaboration. And so our host has sads. (So, for that matter, did Uncle Paul, before he learned to relish their hatred.)

The realization that this applies to economists—that much of the discipline is not a branch of science or even of dialectic, but merely of rhetoric (and not in an inspirational, D. McCloskey way either)—cannot come too soon.

Whether someone who still assigns Free to Choose to callow freshmen, in 2012, is really in a position to complain about the absurdities of Casey Mulligan is a nice question; but recognizing that half your erstwhile colleagues were always mere ideologists is a step in the right direction.