(Early) Monday Smackdown: Tax Reform Intellectual Garbage Cleanup Edition

Must-Read: And Glenn Hubbard and Larry Lindsey plumb the depths of unprofessionalism to a degree I find genuinely surprising in private (o, I am not surprised by Douglas Holtz-Eakin here.): Rich Yeselson: Senator Susan Collins and Three Highly Unprofessional Republican Economists: "Sen[ator] Collins on @MeetThePress today said that she had talked to [Holtz-]Eakins, Lindsay, and Hubbard and they believed that the supply side stimulus would produce an increase on government revenue...

...This is problem when other side alleged serious people are really hacks.

Matt O'Brien: Wow. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but still, wow.

Rich Yeselson: I thought it was interesting for several reasons:

  1. Unlike most Rs, she felt she needed purported technical expertise;
  2. She needed it because three extant models did not give her the result she wanted;
  3. She is as much of a reflexive supply side as the rest of the R[epublican]s;
  4. R[epublican] experts are indeed hacks, not willing to puncture this delusional bubble;
  5. It would never occur to her to speak to any economist who hadn’t worked in an R[epublican] administration—her “moderation” is still locked with an extremist ambit.