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Live from Evans Hall: Underinvestment in Maintenance and Repair Plus Architectural Malpractice, Anybody?: "As you know, Evans Hall has been experiencing areas of extreme heat since Monday 12/4...

...I understand that FS is responding to the source of the issue (broken air compressor) but an update on progress and expected repair is sincerely appreciated.

​The problem is the air compressor on the roof is likely original to the building, and was most likely lifted into place with a crane during construction. It is not possible to get a compressor, the size needed to serve floors 2 thru 10, up the narrow stairs to the roof. So, the compressor needs to be rebuilt in place. The order for the contractor to do this work has been placed.

The current problem we are having is the current motor (with its issues), causes the compressor to shake violently. This has broken the feeder line twice. This second repair used a stronger connection in hopes that it will hold till the rebuild can take place. FS is monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will make these repairs as needed.

We know the timing is bad, and we are hoping we can get the rebuild contractor on-site ASAP.

Thanx to everyone for their patience and understanding.

In the meantime, please report uncomfortable temperature issues to Facilities Services Call Center at 2-1032 x 1 as all temperature issues may not be related to the broken air compressor.