Live from the Republicans' Self-Made Gehenna: IMHO, the most interesting thing about the SALT provisions in tax "reform" is who this one element of base-broadening is aimed at: squarely at those who used to be the core of the Republican base—Reagan's people, those who were not plutocrats but for whom America was working well: Marc Goldwein: @MarcGoldwein on Twitter: "Nearly ALL of the benefit of restoring State & Local Tax (SALT) Deduction would go to the top fifth of earners & more than half goes to the top 1%, per @TaxPolicyCenter. Those defending/encouraging workarounds to the SALT Deduction cap should keep this in mind..."

Brad DeLong: @de1ong on Twitter: Indeed: SALT—adding in one's state and local taxes that one does not have in one's bank account to the federal tax base—is a tax squarely aimed at successful Republican voters in Orange County and elsewhere. This is Reagan' base being targeted—because after Citizens United their money is not needed. With money from plutocrats and activists energized by ethno-cultural grievances, the Republican Party has what it needs. Why does it need Reagan's base of successful upper middle class—those for whom America works? It doesn't. Their money can finance bigger tax cuts for the real rich.

Out of the California House members, Rohrbacher, Issa, LaMalfa, Hunter, McCarthy, and Calvert may survive November. The rest—Walters, Knight, Cook, Denham, McClintock, Nunes look like burnt toast to me, and Royce has already dropped out. We wish Walters, Knight, Cook, Denham, McClintock, Nunes, & Royce luck in their new careers as DC lobbyists, because it really does not look like they have a future among their Reagan-base peers here in California...