Procrastination: January 11, 2017



Across the Wide Missouri:

  • MHO, the most interesting thing about the SALT provisions in tax "reform" is who this one element of base-broadening is aimed at: squarely at those who used to be the core of the Republican base—Reagan's people, those who were not plutocrats but for whom America was working well...

Monday Smackdown:

Note to Self:

  • Book haul of the day: Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt: HOW DEMOCRACIES DIE 9781524762933; T. M. Scanlon: WHY DOES INEQUALITY MATTER? 9780198812692; David Pilling: THE GROWTH DELUSION: WEALTH, POVERTY, AND THE WELL-BEING OF NATIONS: 9780525572503...

Weekend Reading:

Comment of the Day:

  • JEC: THE CRAZY USED TO BE SPLIT BETWEEN THE PARTIES: "The problem was that the unforeseen future arrived a lot sooner than anyone expected..."
  • Spike: ETHEREUM! BLOCKCHAIN! BITCOIN!: "There is a nut of some interesting technology ideas involving blockchains that could potentially have applications that would be useful to explore..."
  • E. MESSILY: AWFULLY SPECIFIC ADVICE: "A question about etymology led to my father standing up (he was leaving to get more wine) and announcing 'Did you know that there is a word for when you are trying to think of a word you can't remember?'..."
  • heebie-geebie: AWFULLY SPECIFIC ADVICE: "Always draw the unit circle before you draw the axes, on the chalkboard. It's easier to aim the axes through the middle of the circle than it is to center the circle on the axes..."

Live from the Orange-Haired Baboon Cage: