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Who Is Less Witfull Here?: Monday Smackdown

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Where did Trump's 6% growth number from last fall come from? I really think we can blame the once-smart and now amazingly witless John Cochrane for this one: it's the only place I can find that somebody talking to Trump might have read that claims 6%/year growth:

John Cochrane (2016): The Grumpy Economist: WSJ growth oped—full version: "Following the fitted line in the chart, Frontier generates $163,000 of income per capita, 209% better than the U.S., or 6% additional annual growth for 20 years..."

Robert Schroeder (2017): Trump tells lawmakers tax plan could lead to 6% growth: "President Donald Trump... told a group of lawmakers that the tax framework he’s unveiling Wednesday could lead the U.S. economy to grow more than 6% a year.... That’s more than double what even Trump’s advisers had hoped for..."