Economics as a Professional Vocation: Bulls--- Detection as a Student Learning Goal

Should-Read: BBC: Amazon buys rights to Iain Banks' Consider Phlebas: "With the help of Brad Pitt's Plan B production company... the first of Banks' novels to feature the Culture, an interstellar utopian society...

...The story of Consider Phlebas centres on the character of Horza, who is tasked with recovering a missing Culture "Mind"-an artificial intelligence many thousands of times smarter than any human being. Sharon Tal Yguado, head of scripted series at Amazon Studios said: "The story of the Culture is so rich and captivating that for years Hollywood has been trying to bring this utopian society to life on the screen. "We are honoured that we have been chosen, along with Dennis Kelly and Plan B Entertainment, to make Consider Phlebas into a television series we think will be loved by fans for years to come." A spokesman for Plan B Entertainment added: "We revere the work of Iain Banks and continue to be moved by his inimitable spirit and his commitment to imagining a better future even in the darkest of times"..."