Should-Read: WTF, Drew Faust?: Tom Bartlett and Nell Gluckman: She Left Harvard. He Got to Stay: "[Jorge] Domínguez steadily climbed the ladder at Harvard. In 1995, he was selected as director of the Weatherhead Center...

...In 2006, he was made vice provost for international affairs, and, in 2014, he and Harvard’s president, Drew Gilpin Faust, traveled to Mexico City together as part of the university’s international outreach. In 2016, a dissertation prize was set up in Domínguez’s honor at the university’s Latin American-studies center. Originally the prize, and the $54,000 raised to support it, was to be given through the Latin American Studies Association, but when some who knew about Domínguez’s behavior, including Philip Oxhorn, caught wind of the plan, they worked behind the scenes to scuttle it. “This was not a man who deserved that kind of recognition,” Oxhorn says. Harvard, apparently, had no such qualms.

[Terry] Karl believes Harvard administrators played down her many complaints, attempting to mollify her rather than dealing with a difficult situation head-on.... They... let him stay, and promoted him, which sent a signal that Karl believes discouraged others from coming forward. If they hadn't done that, "then these women who experienced harassment in the 1990s and 2000s, it wouldn’t have happened, or they would have known that someone would be punished if they were harassed,” she says. “That’s the great enabling. It’s why the silence is so terrible.” She wishes administrators had heeded her calls for stronger action and better reporting procedures, but looking back, Karl thinks she did as much as she reasonably could to sound the alarm. “The silence was not mine,” she says. “It was Harvard’s.”