Joseph Schumpeter on "Liquidationism": Hoisted from the Archives

Comment of the Day: Graydon Saunders: "White Ethnicists" and Boston in the 1980s: "Really bad insecurity management signifies incompetence, not lack of insecurity...

...A long-supply-chains world emphasises planning, co-operation, and skill. It does really badly with any of the narratives that emphasize victory through will. Fascism is, perhaps not the last refuge of a scoundrel, but a complicated rationalization for not really having lost. I figure we're many not ten years from a re-melination virus getting loose, too.

Tim H. said in reply to Graydon: Your comment brings to mind an Arthur C. Clarke short story "Reunion", which ends with "If any of you are still white, we can cure you.".

Graydon said in reply to Tim H: If you're not living on oats in the rain without access to vitamin D supplements... do go outside, and you don't think being easily sunburned grants you moral exceptions for rape, murder, and theft, that's an appropriate response! My optometrist has a thoroughly sfnal gadget that takes photographs of the layers of tissues in the back one's eyes; the whole rear hemisphere of the eyeball. It uses a multi-spectral laser and what I presume is software, rather than a lens, to assemble the images. Apparently a big gain in diagnostic power compared to previous methods. Said optometrist was using one of the images to point out that my retinas have effectively no melanin and that this is a health and vision risk. I responded that this is why I use transition lenses and have (with variation for the technology of the time) ever since I started wearing glasses as a child. (Never mind that out of my six immediate ancestors, three died of things related to malignant melanoma.)

Some sort of retrofit melanin would be handy thing. I'd expect OHIP to cover it...