Should-Read: Ah: the genteel white ethnicism of the Atlantic Monthly. Under Jeffrey Goldberg and company, if you write for the Atlantic Monthly, there is now a very, very, very high bar you have to surmount to be taken seriously in polite intellectual society: Heidi Moore: "What is going on at the Atlantic?]( 'Too far'?"

It’s the genteel form of white ethnicism...

Heidi N Moore on Twitter What is going on at the Atlantic Too far

@moorehn: So true! Perceptive point. “Oh, we’d LOVE to consider racial minorities to be equal humans, but we can’t lose elections!”

@duylinhtu: I can’t even...

@moorehn: If any scientists reading this are working on a time machine, I volunteer to be sent to a future that’s more enlightened

@crayoh: I think they're trying to be controversial to get clicks.

@JohnFairbanks1: Yeah. What the everlasting f__k?

@RadFemme74:I would love to know the thought processes that go through a white man's mind that cause him to end up going "Yeah, this is totally a worthwhile take"

@thomopolis: Follow up article, “ did republicans go too far in freeing the slaves?”, and “Did “America” go too far with their “revolution?”..."