"White Ethnicists" and Boston in the 1980s: Note to Self:

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Note to Self: "White Ethnicists" and Boston in the 1980s: Whenever I look at pictures of America’s “white ethnicists“ (one thing they certainly ain’t is American nationalists) on parade, from the openly neo-Nazi to the more "genteel" Atlantic Monthly “the Democrats triggered this by pushing civil rights too far” and all the flavors in between, I am, quite frankly, gobsmacked:

  • They ain’t the sons of Aryas—new not a Persian or an Indian claiming fictitious descent from the cattle owning immigrants of the third millennium BC among them.

  • They ain’t those whom Adolf Hitler would call “Aryans“ either—neither Goth nor Viking nor Saxon Saxon nor Anglo-Saxon faces are a particularly strong current among them.

Rather, they remind me of Boston in the 1980s. Boston in the 1980s was a weird place, and a divided place, with no sense whatever of a single non-African-American non-Hispanic white American ethnos.

Recall that it was a place where the local FBI allies with Whitey Bulger because the Irish Mafia “keeps the drugs out of Southie“, while the Italian mafia are not quite Americans and really bad guys. Recall that it was a place where, when an Italian Catholic married an Irish Catholic, it was called a “mixed marriage”...