Some Fairly Recent Must- and Should-Reads About Our Public Sphere, Now in as Bad Shape as It Has Ever Been (Hi Gerry Baker! Hi Dean Baquet!)

Carlos (2007): Internet race and IQ debate: Andrew Sullivan Edition:): "Doug, the guy is also a perfect vector for promoting nitwit ideas through a credulous population...

...which, to use a Bujoldism, has demonstrably happened. Again.

The tension between his wingnut id and his somewhat more principled superego is interesting to watch. (At least for me, but I have notoriously tacky tastes.) I don't know why this makes him more believable. Something to do with the conversion narrative, I suppose: he STRUGGLES with his IDEAS! People, it's because he's not the brightest bulb on the tree. I see people STRUGGLING with MATH all the time, but I don't ask them to do my taxes.

Doug M.: "Oh, for goodness' sake, Andrew Sullivan...

...Yes, he's predictable. Yes, he's not too bright. Yes, despite his constant attempts to portray himself as a principled seeker after truth, he'll never change his mind about race and genetics, or Hillary, or half a dozen other idees tres tres fixees. At this point, when I see "race" or "genes" in a Sullivan post, my eye now bounces automatically.

...He's still worth skimming for (1) a window into a particular sort of conservative mind, and (2) the occasional interesting link.