Abraham Lincoln: 1855 Letter to Joshua Speed: Weekend Reading

Comment of the Day: Graydon: Kevin Williamson Stays Mute on What the Punishment for Abortion Should Be: "Back in the early-to-mid eighties, the first wave of women who had formally studied the ancient Near East, linguists and anthropologists and archaeologists and sociologists, started to publish...

...Almost no one seems to have any awareness of what they published, probably because it got relegated to Women's Studies.

Anyway; one of the things they found out (because they were looking) is that patriarchal forms of social organization have control of female reproduction by (high-status) men as a precondition, not a consequence.  General access to reproductive health care and technology is a direct threat to everyone who depends for their status and livelihood on that patriarchal social organization, and they're a lot more conscious of this than the people who are generally willing to allow as how women are people and "women, cattle, and slaves" is a lamentable formulation inappropriate to these times.

So, of course Williamson means it; Williamson in some sense HAS to mean it, because the alternative is to give up the idea that he's important, and to give up the social system that's told him that his whole life.  This is weakness and folly and departs from the path of virtue -- humility isn't easy, even as virtues go -- but patriarchy isn't about virtue.  It's about raw primate status affirmation, entirely an unfortunate desire...."