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Paul Krugman: I had a letter from a Sheriff Joe supporter:

Paul Krugman @paulkrugman: Trump is going all in on (a) claiming that undocumented immigrants are responsible for a huge crime wave; (b) Democrats supporter immigrant criminal gangs. Both claims are lies, pure and simple One important thing to realize about the immigrant crime wave thing is that the people who believe it mostly come from places where there are hardly any immigrants.

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But I guess if you've never met a person from someplace else, it's easier to believe that such people are "animals". We should also note that such people tend to hold false beliefs about other parts of America as well as foreign countries. Like the "American carnage" narrative that sees our big cities—which have never been safer—as something out of "Escape from New York". I had a letter from a Sheriff Joe supporter insisting that I had no idea what it was like living near the border. "How would you feel if New York was full of immigrants?"...