Yes: Twitter Is Complete Crap at the Aggregation Tools Needed to Turn Interesting Twitter Threads into Part of THE STOCK

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Heather Rose Jones: I will die on this hill:

Heather Rose Jones @heatherosejones: Dear author of corporate training manuals: the word you are looking for is "tenet" -- "the three tenets of quality risk management"—not "tenant". I am judging you. 2 replies 0 retweets 2 likes Reply 2 Retweet Like 2 Direct message

Brad DeLong @de1ong: It isn’t a metaphor? Three people rent rooms in the house of risk management? :-(

Heather Rose Jones @heatherosejones: I will die on this hill.

Brad DeLong @de1ong: touché...

Downtown Josh Brown: My dad has $1.8 million dollars worth of GE:

Downtown Josh Brown: @ReformedBroker: "My dad has $1.8 million dollars worth of GE. What should he do?”

Brad DeLong: @de1ong: Send them to read The Money Game: “the stock does not know that you own it”. You say the problem would not arise if they had read it? Oh well...

Matthew Yglesias: This thing Roseanne did:

Matthew Yglesias @mattyglesias: This thing Roseanne did where she gave herself an A grade for Hurricane Maria response but then it turned out actually thousands of people had died was really beyond the pale.

@Pulpiteer: Much luck with this approach.

@TheCheekyGinger: Are you being satirical or is this a thing that actually happened? It's Roseanne. I cannot tell.

@Pulpiteer: I believe the point is to capture people's attention about the under-reported magnitude of deaths from Hurricane Maria by throwing in reference to Roseanne-who is getting more attention than deserved.

@blaketheevan: So is Trump's response to the hurricane worse in its aftermath death toll than 9/11? No one can hurt us worse than we hurt ourselves I guess...

Julian Sanchez: DOC: Now you may experience some drowsiness: "Julian Sanchez

 >Julian Sanchez @normative:

DOC: Now you may experience some drowsiness the next morning.

ME: Okay.

DOC: Also the uncontrollable impulse to call black women Muslim apes.

ME: Excuse me?

DOC: And a delusional belief that George Soros was a Nazi.

ME: What’s in these pills again?

@nonnihil: It's there on the label, "may cause economic anxiety."

@alocalbookshop: I need to invest in the company that makes #Ambien. Apparently about 60 million Americans love that stuff. #GOPvoters

Julian Sanchez @normative: He’s talking about things he observed as a child, deliberately misconstrued by gross propagandists. Take a break from the black helicopter YouTube channels.

@SeanFlaim: DOC: a concentrated dose of Fox News and Breitbart...

Jason Furman: Even taking out the oil/mining category :

Jason Furman @jasonfurman: Even taking out the oil/mining category of investment which has seen large increases lately due to rapidly rising prices, business fixed investment was still an impressive 8.3% in Q1, much more than the average for recent years.

Brad DeLong @de1ong: Yeah: but it was supposed to jump by $800 billion at an annual rate...

Andy Slavitt: 300 patient groups:

Nicholas Bagley @nicholasbagley_: If I have to pick between caving to interest-group pressure or pushing through a rigid ideological agenda in the face of basic economic realities, I pick caving.

Andy Slavitt: @ASlavitt: BREAKING: 300 patient groups, pediatricians, seniors and other health care experts pan Trump’s new insurance rules sabotaging the ACA. That’s 95% of health care groups. In favor? The NRA...

Damon Darlin: Ah, the Greatest Generation:

Damon Darlin @darlin: Ah, the Greatest Generation. Which never stirred up animosities during the Red Scares of the 1950s, the civil rights battle in the 1960s or the anti-war protests or...

Evan McMullin @EvanMcMullin_: .@MaxBoot: "We need to summon the spirit of the Greatest Generation and overcome our partisan enmity. Otherwise we will fall to the most insidious enemy we have ever faced: domestic division"...

Charlie Jane Anders: I'm so cracked out:

Charlie Jane Anders @charliejane: I'm so cracked out from traveling that when @johnhodman followed me I thought it was actually @hodgman and followed back, and they DMed me and I just realized I've been chatting with a bot. Shoot me now.... Oh and speaking of which, I finally found a video online of this panel...

John Hodgman @hodgman: I am not robot. Want to chat? Maga

Charlie Jane Anders @charliejane: Nice chatting you. What a great thing! Do you want RayBan specs?

David J. Loehr @dloehr: When shopping for Hodgman Actual, always look for the label.

Chris Pepper @chrispepp: I'd chase that dragon too if I were in your position haha...