June 26, 2018: Ten Years Ago on Grasping Reality

Hoisted from Comments: J. Thomas on the Ethics of William Greider: "If Greider had told his reporters 'The headline for today's article is "Supplyside Scandal Exposed"' and they were supposed to point out known administration lies as lies and use the word 'scandal' at least 4 times per article... But he didn't. The articles he edited encouraged fools to continue acting like fools. He got the truth straight from Stockman's mouth and he reported the lies instead. Is there something about these events that you don't believe? Is there something about my interpretation that you disagree with? If you agree the events happened, what interpretation leaves Greider a nonhack?"

Stan Collender on Republican Attack Dog Robert Dole: Robert Dole never outgrew his role as Nixon's henchman. Here's Stan Collender: "Dole returned the call. He didn’t apologize for what he had done but did say that I shouldn’t take it personally. He said my quote in the Inquirer was being used too effectively for it to be ignored and that he had wanted to limit the damage during the budget resolution debate by hurting my credibility. He then suggested I stop by his office for coffee..."

Jay Rosen Says that the Press Corps Heads for the Greasy Grass...: I think that the press corps's flaws are much deeper than that--it's not just that it doesn't understand the new ground to which it is migrating, it's that it did a lousy job on its own ground as well.... [It's not that its] problems have anything to do with "new media." They all consist of doing old media badly.

Paul Krugman: Iron resolution: "Iron resolution: Chinese steelmakers have agreed to a 96 percent increase in the price they pay for Australian iron ore. One interesting point about this case is that, as I understand it, iron ore isn’t traded on an international exchange; trade takes place through bilateral deals between producers and consumers. In other words, there isn’t any easy way to speculate on future iron ore prices. Yet ore prices are surging like oil prices. A bit more evidence against the speculative frenzy hypothesis..."

Marty Lederman Gets Shrill on John Yoo: "3. John stresses, as he has in the past, that he was without much guidance in interpreting the federal torture statute, since there had not been any prosecutions under it, or any court cases construing it. But the virtually identical definition of 'torture' is included in statutes governing removal of aliens and asylum applications, and that definition had received extensive treatment from courts under those statutes (which were also enacted in order to implement the Convention Against Torture). The INS and the State Department, therefore, had very extensive knowledge and expertise on the question. And yet those experts were cut out of the loop—they were not consulted on the OLC opinion..."