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Twitter Is Crap at Aggregation Tools: June 9, 2018

Note to Self: I wouldn't call Thrush-Watkins etc. a "mistake" by the New York Times as much as a strategic decision. I always thought that Harris, VandeHei, Allen & co. worked for their sources first, their bosses second, and their readers not at all—and that's how thy shaped Politico. Hiring a politics team from Politico got them what they paid for. And that is what the New York Times wanted to do...

Heidi N Moore: "I think that’s right. They wanted scoops at any cost, and they got scoops at a very high cost.

Plus 125 "Jared and Ivanka are going to save us all!" stories...

Heidi N Moore: It all needs to start over as far as political coverage there. I cannot imagine how they can be so sanguine about a reporter dragging the paper’s integrity through the mud...