June 9, 2008: Ten Years Ago on Grasping Reality

Twitter Is Crap at Aggregation Tools: June 9, 2018

  • Dan Davies: "The phrase 'virtue signalling', uttered with a sneer, is always both (a) the sound of a guilty conscience and (b) the leper's bell of the modern online asshole..."

  • Matthew Yglesias: "Democratic Party governance ended up underdelivering in part because of policies that failed in technical design terms. Gotta do better next time!: Something that frustrates me about the current moment is that Team Obama owned the “bloodless technocrat” brand so well that it’s obscured the existence of very real technical failures of 2009-2010 Democratic governance. That, in turn, tends to lead people on the left who are critical of Obama-era policymaking to be completely blind to the very real importance of making your policies technically sound. There were little technical failures like so many TIGER grants for useless streetcar projects and big significant failures like crafting a stimulus bill that didn’t consider the possibility that the recession was worse than early data indicated. A fair amount of the problems were more with congressional Democrats than with the administration, but either way Democratic Party governances ended up underdelivering in part because of policies that failed in technical design terms. Gotta do better next time!..." Joseph Britt: _"How well do you think the public understood what Obama's stimulus was intended to do? I think that was a pretty significant failure right there. For such noted communicator, Obama didn't communicate very well..."

  • Andrew Dolan: "Periodic reminder: that TPP and TTIP removed many of the non-tariff barriers Trump says he wants to eliminate..."

  • Counterchekist: "If you think the 'pee tape' is what the Kremlin really has on tRUmp, then I have some bad news for you... It's much, much worse than that... You can tell what it is just by watching what the QAnon/InfoWars loons have been pushing the last few days. With full IRA technical assistance... Prepping the battlespace..." Lisa Hubbert: "Please elaborate, I cannot countenance looking at InfoWars for the answer..." Eight: "Pizzagate reversal debunk plus paedocamp red herring, there seems to be a theme..."

  • Richard M. Nixon: "Krauthammer's letter was well-written. He should chiefly be remembered as one of the forces behind the second Iraq War..." Jim Silberman: "A churlish and typically cheap Nixonian swipe at a decent and honorable man, with only weeks to live..." Richard M. Nixon: "Regarding Krauthammer. I'm not sure what the problem is, considering Krauthammer has no regrets..." David L. Franze: "As with all conservative thought leaders, he helped to give America, Vice President Richard Cheney, Speaker Newt Gingrich and President (!) Donald Trump. The Fourth Horseman is Roger Ailes..." Priscilla Maloney: "Agreed-you'll have to forgive me also sir; I'm not feeling particularily charitable today. I have a loved one with many of the same struggles as Mr. Bourdain and he admired him greatly. Mr. Bourdain will be remembered very kindly by history..."

  • Henry Farrell: "When MacLean talks about 'individual liberty' she suggests that this is a term that had a 'coded meaning'..." Brad DeLong: Henry Farrell really should not criticize MacLean thus: "When she talks about 'individual liberty' she suggests that this is a term that had a 'coded meaning'" as if freedom to discriminate was not a big piece of Buchanan's individual liberty and of states' rights. That's just not reality based...

  • Atrios: "My favorite thing with conservatives is how it is mean to accurately quote them in full context presenting perfectly representative (not slips of the tongue) expressions of their beliefs..."